Christmas 2015: 24 things Santa should bring me #4

Bungalow5_NUORI Vital Foaming Cleanser

In a very long time bloggers worldwide have shown to Aesop to decorate their bathrooms (they probably use it on their faces too), but now I think a new serious contestant has emerged. Nuori is an exciting new skincare range made and produced in Denmark.

Most skincare today is made to last for a long time first on the shelves in the stores and later in people bathrooms. When you think about it, this can’t be good for your skin. Nuori’s selection of foaming cleansers, lip treatments, body balms and serum treatments are all blended in small batches every 12 weeks in a laboratory in Denmark. They also come stamped with a handy start-using-by and expiry date, encouraging us to treat our skin products the same way we would our food.

I believe that Nuori is on to something and I would definitely love to clear my bathroom shelves of Aesop and replace it with fresh and super pretty Nuori skincare.

Bungalow5_NUORI Face

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