Christmas 2015: Royal Copenhagen’s Christmas tables filled with sarcasm and humour

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Let me start this post by saying, you probably have to be Danish to reeeally appreciate this year’s Christmas tables from Royal Copenhagen.

Every year Royal Copenhagen gets six different people (celebrities, that is) to interpret a Christmas table, which kicks off Christmas with an official launch for everyone else. That was yesterday! Together with the entire Danish interior press and even bloggers from Sweden and Norway had been flown in, to witness the tables.

This years tables is set by some of the funniest Danish comedians and entertainers – so every table is set with some sense of humour, something I really appreciate, as Royal Copenhagen can be a bit uptight and boring sometimes. Sorry!

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The reason why I say you need to be Danish to really appreciate this years table, is because, you need to know the different characters some of these people do to fully understand the setting. You probably wont find a lot of inspiration in the tables, which this year is all tables, but you’ll definitely find a lot of fun and humour.

My favourite, which was also heavily feature on Instagram yesterday, is the table by the two snobs Fritz and Poul (characters by Martin Buch and Rasmus Botoft). You really have to look at this with a lot of sarcasm; the scene is set in the living room of Fritz and Poul Christmas Eve, where they are having “fun” with their three au-pair girls. There is of course plenty of expensive champagne and cognac, and everything is set in Fritz and Poul’s favourite colours, pastels combined with oriental rugs and Flora Danica extravaganza.

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Also, I really love the table set by Peter Frødin. The number of times I have almost peed myself laughing of his characters, I don’t know. He is funny, period. Of course, his table is set in at a traditional Danish Christmas lunch in a rather smoke-filled pub. It is Blue Fluted, high dark wainscots and filled ashtrays. I love it.

If you want to see all the tables, set by Bodil Jørgensen, Mia Lyhne, Jarl Friis Mikkelsen and Kirsten Lehfeldt, you just have to pop by Royal Copenhagen on your next trip to Copenhagen.

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      Ja i lige måde Anette.

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