Tips For Getting Your Christmas Shopping Done Quickly

When it comes to buying my Christmas presents, I always find one store where I can get absolutely everything. I hate struggling around all over town from one small shop after the other. And with the holidays comes the really slow tourists, not tourists from abroad, no tourists from out of town, and they walk soooo slow. Another thing I always look for, are shops that are open late. So the other night at 9PM, I went to get it all done in Illum.

Illum is Copenhagen’s most luxurious department store, which doesn’t mean you only find all the expensive brands. I went straight to the top floor, which is a mecca for an interior lover like me; all major Danish brands are here. Though I like shopping mostly online, I do like the browsing to calm Christmas music and great service I do also enjoy, especially when no one else is shopping at late hours.


In picture from the top – all found in Illum’s top floor: Teatowel by Rosendahl // Cup by Royal Copenhagen // Vase by Georg Jensen // Vase by Kähler // Christmas ball by Lyngby Porcelain // Sugar bowl by Bodum // Salt Scrub by Meraki // Bowl by Kähler // Brush by Meraki // Egg cups by Le Creuset // Vase by Lyngby Porcelain // Wooden Tray by The Oak Men.


Posted in partnership with Illum. Thoughts and opinions are 100% my own. Thanks for supporting collaborations that I am excited about and that have kept Bungalow5’s doors open.




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