Christmas Wish List Series: Lotta Agaton


Finding the perfect gift for you love one or yourself can be quite the challenge. So to help you, I have asked a bunch of my favorite people to share their personal wish list this year. First up is Lotta Agaton, famous Swedish stylist, with a client base most others only dream of, co-founder of the Swedish magazine Residence and if you haven’t lived under a rock for the pasts years (if you have check here and here), I am sure you have seen her stunning home shared, more than once, as she has moved a few times, across magazines and blogs, including yours truly. I am in awe of Lotta’s drive, stylist, magazine editor, shop owner, mother and more and she always does it with a smile on her face and an enormous amount of professionalism. I love how her style has developed, and even though you can see her sense of style in all of work, it is still very different over time.

Lotta told me that except for world peace and for everybody to care more about the environment all I want for Christmas is… Here it is!



From the top: Julia Childs Classic French cookbook // Mod 1095 from Flos// Travel Knife from Byredo // Lamps by Birgitte Due Madsen // Linen Water by Marie Stella Maris // Christopher Wool and Felix Gonzalez-Torres poster // Silk pyjamas from Equipment // Tickets To see Tom Fords New Movie // Furry slippers from Colette // Patricia Urquiolas Biknit chair for Moroso





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