Christmas Wreath And Special Present To You

Every year I make my mom a Christmas decoration, or rather a wreath so she can countdown for Christmas Eve lighting a candle every Sunday. It is a big tradition here in Denmark, a tradition that started after WWI. The idea is that you light the first candle on the first Sunday (forth Sunday before Christmas Eve, which is next Sunday), then you light the first one and more candle the weekend after and so on.

I ended up making two wreaths for inspiration to you guys, one being more traditional than the other. I ordered a bunch of flowers from Bloomon (and got you all a cool gift too – look below), which pretty much had all I need for both wreaths and more to spare actually.

Bloomon was kind enough to share a code with me, that will give you a free vase, when you order your flowers – just add “Bungalow5” at checkout.
(just to be clear, I don’t earn anything on this link, it is just a kind gesture)

Have you started your decorations yet? Do you have any favorite traditions?

Photos by Allan Torp

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