Classic Danish Christmas Lunch at Restaurant Kronborg

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Are you ready for Christmas? I’ll slowly be starting sharing some of my favourite places to go for Christmas lunches, where to buy your presents, how I decorate my house and I’ll probably also share a few ideas for what I would like to find underneath my Christmas tree.

Today I would like to share my favourite place for a proper classic Danish Christmas lunch, here we call it ”Julefrokost”. Eventhough is it lunch, you find places like Restaurant Kronborg that also serve the lunch for dinner.

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Restaurant Kronborg is located in the middle of Copenhagen, just a block from Gammel Torv. I love the atmousphere, the white table cloths and that everything is served on Royal Copenhagen and of course the really nice service. And I promise you, you won’t leave hungry – also remember to try their homemade akvavit; it is really good.

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Photos © Restaurant Kronborg, shoot by Chris Tonnesen.

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