Cocktail Hour: Zacapa Negroni

Its Friday you guys! What better way to start the weekend with a well-shaken cocktail? Mine features Campari, mead, Vermouth, Orange Bitters, and Zacapa —that’s all you need for the Zacapa Negroni! It’s seriously my new favorite holiday cocktail.

One of the world’s best bartenders, Alexander Romoundos, who is serving up cocktails daily at Tata Copenhagen helped me with this Zapaca Negroni, but the good thing is, it is so very simple to make on your own – and yes, perfect for this season.

Zapaca is actually one of the few rums I like drinking, it has sweet notes of dark caramel, spicy honey, chocolate and even a hint of oak. I love how its softness and sweetness makes the perfect Negroni.

The Zapaca Negroni
Makes 1

3 cl Zacapa 23
1,5 cl Campari
1,5 cl Mead
2,5 cl Belsazar Vermouth (red)
1 touch of Orange Bitter

Add all the ingredients to a big glass with ice, and stir 15-20 seconds

Pour the cocktail into a lowball glass with ice and garnish with orange peel

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