Coffee, Cake And Great Danish Design

Coffee, cake and great design go hand in hand. I am sure we can all agree that everything just looks better when it is served nicely right? And as for the calories. Let’s just don’t care, today is a celebration.

What are we celebrating you might think? We are celebrating a 60-year-old Danish invention. In 1957 Danish Lyngby Porcelain designed and created the first ever thermos tableware – they called it Thermodan.

Ceramicist and painter Axel Brüel, who was part of the Lyngby Porcelain team in the 1950s, designed Thermodan in 1957. He even won a price for the tableware during La Triennale in Milan in 1960 for its advanced technical composition and the avant-garde expression. A true porcelain evolution.

So next time you invite friends over for coffee, add a piece of cake and serve it all up in the Thermodan collection – I promise you, focus will be on the great design and not the calories.

Pictures by Allan Torp

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