Colors Everywhere at Formland + 10 Ideas to Take from Their Trend Zone

Two design fairs down, one in Denmark and one in Sweden, I’ve already covered the latter last week, today I will look closer at one of the trend zones at last week’s Formland fair. It is not easy comparing the two, but one thing that was a pretty obvious difference – Formland was full of color, a great breath of fresh air. Every year Formland really make an effort in bringing the latest news to their fair and for that they get help from some of the best in their fields. Once again, Studie Flyhelsted presented their trend zone, and area where they present pieces from pretty much every exhibitor in one comprehensive unity.  

We can actually learn quite a lot from this trend zone. The concept behind the Art of Living, as they called it, was to show three different abstractions of the home, where ‘to live’ and ‘to be’ sustainable are merged into one kind of lifestyle.

Our global world generates information and opportunities 24-7. Therefore, contrasts are vital for our balance and wellbeing. We need nature to feel calm, smell the grass and hear the birds sing. We want to gather herbs, bake bread and reinvent ourselves as creative people.

And contrasts there were. A lot of different shades of beige side by side with bright blues and reds in both straight lines, wavy patterns, textiles, glasses, ceramics, artwork, and furniture.

10 Ideas to take from The Art of Living trend zone

Be creative with the way you hang your artwork. Have some in a straight line and then add an extra focal point by hanging others going upwards instead.

You don’t need a lot of skill to steal the idea of those benches and low platforms. It is basically just three pieces of wood in different sizes and a bit of paint.

Layer your area rugs. Smaller rugs in different patterns looks great layered and adds a bit of Moroccan mystique to your interior.

Different chairs around a round table is not a new idea, but it still looks pretty amazing.

Style your bookshelves simple for a clean look.

Use long curtains as room dividers, make sure they just touch the floor.

Paint your walls in two different colors with the darkest tone at the bottom. It makes the wall seem taller and you bring in the illusion of having a high wall panel.

Add just one very colorful pillow, especially if everything else is kept relatively color neutral. It brings in an unexpected focal point and will make your guests, and yourself, smile.

Patterns on the floor is big at moment. The zigzag pattern shown is not for everyone, however, you might be more drawn towards a wavy pattern like this one.

Most things just looks better in pairs or multiples – especially when it comes to those still lifes.

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