Comeback Kid: The Vitrine Cabinet


The open shelving is definitely pretty and super easy, however, it is not super practical, it’s like a dust magnet. As I wrote a couple of weeks ago, I am really seeing a mini trend happening with the vitrine cabinet making a come back, slowly but steady I see a few brands here and there launching their own version.


I teamed up with Montana, to show you how it can be use in today’s interior without making it look like a National museum. Montana’s version (called RISE) is not all glass fronts, which I really like, as you can store the not so stylish items below and showcase those great items at the top. Another great thing about Montana, is of course, that you can get it in every imaginable colour and if you do not want the vitrine anymore, you can always shuffle around, get a new base and build a lower storage unit – or just hang it all on the wall.

When styling your vitrine cabinet, you should just go all in filling it up, I like the “layering” feeling, where some boxes are on the point of bursting, as long as you just leave one or two almost empty or add just one or two smaller items.






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