Copenhagen Got a New Hotel Room, Which You Don’t Want to Miss

I’ve spent my third consecutive July 4th in the Big Bear cabin. It is a two hour drive from the Topanga home, if there is not too much traffic. We usually stop halfway for coffees. After non-stop guests in Topanga, we just wanted to kick back, BBQ and watch as many bad movies as possible. Now we are ready to head back down the mountain for a few weeks getting ready for the big bathroom remodel, which I am so excited about.

Speaking of remodel, did you see my link last weekend to the new Vipp Chimney House – I feel like it is too good to just get a link, so today I wanted to share it all, because why not. It is an open plan two bedrooms, two bathrooms, and a large open plan kitchen – best of all, you can book it by the night. Basically, it’s Vipp third room in their hotel empire.

The house is a remodeled water pumping station built in 1902 and after Danish architect, Studio David Thulstrup has done his work, it is just a perfect spot for a weekend getaway in Copenhagen.

Obviously it is decked out in Vipp products, including their new furniture collection. I love how it really feels like a home, with lots of personality and comfort. I particularly love the terrazzo floor, which I would love to have in our new bathrooms.

Alright, thats all I have for you amazing people today. See you soon.

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