Cozy Cabin Weekend Getaway

A weekend getaway to the cabin is not only suited for the winter season, it is actually perfect to break away from the blazing sun in LA right now. Just two hours drive away is Big Bear. Nestled in the mountains some 7000 ft. up Big Bear Lake emerges surrounded with a small town and lots of green pine trees.

With very high temperatures we have already gone up to the cabin last weekend, but are already planning our next trip, and with July 4th coming up next week, what better weekend that this coming one right? Fireworks reflecting in the massive lake, what could be more perfect?

Cabin life is all about playing board games, cooking, hikes, watching movies on DVD and just enjoying nature and each other. Cannot wait to go back this weekend.

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    Bangkok Realtor
    July 2, 2017 at 08:59

    Amazing getaway. I’m originally from a place in California much like the location of the photos but now a Bangkok Thailand Property Agent and while there are definitely get aways in Thailand like this, the tropical atmosphere doesn’t feel as great as it does going in a wood cabin in a pine forest in the USA.

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