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Design competitions, where brands want students to participate is nothing new and there is many of them. There is a few, that I actually think is worth entering if you are an aspiring design student, one being Muuto Talent Award. Why? Because, there is an actual chance that your design will end up being produced by Muuto.

Muuto Talent Award is an exceptional opportunity for a Nordic design or architect student to express their own unique story and provide their personal perspective on New Nordic design. Muuto Talent Award provides the chance of getting a design produced, branded and sold worldwide by Muuto!

The winner from 2010 ‘NERD chair’ has become a classic Muuto item. Since its launch in July 2012 it has turned into a must-have in thousands of homes worldwide. Also the PULL lamp, the winner from 2011, has also manifested itself as a Muuto icon. The lamp is still an asked for item and is being sold in acknowledged stores all around the world.

I asked Nina, Project Manager Design & Product Development at Muuto a few question about the competition.

What are you looking for among the participants?

The winning design must have humor, personality and a good choice of material and will be found within the 3 categories; accessories, lighting and furniture. As we are a brand working with Scandinavian designers the winning design must also have a nordic touch.

How is it to be the one person to judge all the designs coming in?

Luckily I’m not the only person to decide. I have a strong and competent team with me. Both owner and founder of Muuto Kristian Byrge and Head of Design Christian Grosen are among the judges. When that said, I feel very privileged to get to see all the exciting works of the new designers and their interpretation of Muuto and ‘New Nordic’.

How do you select the winner/s?

I have been working with Muuto for a very long time now and working with design, colours and materials on a daily basis has given me the strength of being able to see when the “right design” pops up. Muuto´s strong DNA is a part of my everyday life so basically this makes it easy for me to see when something is “Muuto” and has that ´New Perspective` that we are looking for.


So there you have it guys, if you have any cool designs lying around, now is the time to dust them off and get them sent off to Nina and the rest of the Muuto team. Who knows, you might end up being the new Muuto Talent.


More info, signup & guidelines here.


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