Creating a New Daily Work Schedule and Making it Work

After a month on the road, I am back in Copenhagen for a bit. I’ve spent some of all my time in the air thinking about myself, my working life, my body, my capabilities, and I have come to the conclusion that I need more structure in my everyday life. Being self-employed while juggling being a somewhat nomad, it’s been way to long just getting by, doing the work just necessary, I want more!

So, since touching the ground in Copenhagen last Monday, I’ve been on my new schedule, which means starting the day early, more work, more gym, better eating, and more time to myself. Here a week and a bit in with the new schedule, I wanted to share it and my progress.

I have found it difficult creating a schedule that would work on both sides of the Atlantic – not to mention keeping with it. I have a tendency to get bored rather quickly, so the new schedule also had to take that into account, e.g. not too much of the same kind of work etc. for too long at the time.

I came across Sorelle Amore’s YouTube video Living Like Casey Neistat Challenge, which seemed to be something that could also work for me. Casey is a work horse – you obviously have to be to run one of the most successful YouTube channels. He has more than 10 mill. subscribers. I was obsessed a few years ago. Anyway. His schedule looks something like this:

– Wake up between 4-5am
– 5-7am – work
– 7-7:30 – breakfast with Francine
– 8am – 9:45 – run & get ready for day
– 10am-6pm – work
– 6-10pm – family time
– 10-11pm – gym
– 11pm – sleep

His schedule seems pretty insane, but if he can do so can I. For obvi reasons it needed a few tweaks to work for me. Getting up early is really not a problem for me. If I put my mind to it, I’ll do it. It sounds extremely cheesy, but if you want to wake up earlier, you’ve got to really want it. I also do not have a family to take care of on a daily basis, so instead of family time, I wanted more me time, that being gym time and no-screen time. The new schedule, my schedule:

– 5am – wake up
– 5-7am – work
– 7-8am – breakfast
– 8am – 10 – gym incl. commute
– 10am-4pm – work
– 4-6pm – CrossFit
– 6-10pm – me time
– 10pm – sleep

The biggest thing is probably getting out of bed and start working right away. But I can honestly say, it really works. I am extremely productive. Hence the rise in numbers of blog post as of lately. As I started pointed out, just getting by has been what I have done for a long time, meaning, just doing a post when I absolutely had to. I am obsessed with writing and sharing more. I guess that’s key, I mean how bad do you want something? If you do not want something bad enough, you’ll just hit that snooze button and stay in bed.

With my blog post out of the way early, I free up so much more time doing the day, more gym time, more free time to prep for upcoming posts. I know hitting the gym twice a day isn’t for everyone, but I actually enjoy it. Long time regulars might remember I use to do CrossFit for hours every day a few years ago, which I’ve really missed. Correction. Which MY BODY really missed. I might be pretty lean, but I am weak. My back especially, which is super annoying. So, I hit a regular gym in the morning, just for a quick sess, to loosen up the body, stretch, do a bit of weightlifting – and then Crossfit after work in the evening. It’s proven that those who exercise sleep better on a consistent basis.

Throughout the day, I can now focus of upcoming posts. It actually takes up A LOT of time to prep, it’s not like the photo just takes themselves. If I do them in my own home, there is delivery, unpacking, moving other things out of the picture, styling, taking the picture, and editing. All while juggling attending events throughout. You might think, oh that can’t be hard! And sure, it is not hard, but it still takes me away from prepping the posts. But attending events is also a way to get more work.

And then there is the me time. I really like it. I’ve read more books than I ever had before. I’ve seen friends more. I just get stuff done around the house. And I prep food for days to come.

So, there you have it. My new schedule. For me it works, but surely it takes some determination. How bad do you want it? And right now, I want this. And I know Mr. LA also gets up early hitting the gym before he hits his office, so this one will work also in LA.


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  • Reply
    November 7, 2018 at 17:19

    Love the schedule setup. I noticed myself when I have more movement than I have more energy to get the things done that I need to get done as far as my work schedule is concerning.

  • Reply
    November 14, 2018 at 23:09

    Planning and scheduling is a big thing for me but also being impulsive and not planning too much has its rewards. It’s just about getting a balance between order and chaos.

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