Creators Corner at Formland

Tomorrow I am heading to the first of the three fairs I’ll be visiting these next few months. This weekend it’s all about Denmark’s biggest interior fair, Formland. Last week I highlighted some of the mayor brands I am looking forward to visit. Today, I’m sharing some of the newer brands, all from what Formland calls Creators Corner. It sure is interesting to see what the new and very talented designers are coming up with – I know a lot of them also feel very strongly about sustainable production, which just excites me even more.


Mugstars // Who wouldn’t want to a cup of coffee with David Bowie, Johnny Cash, or Freddie Mercury? You know I love coffee and I do love it even more if the mug is just right. The guys at Mundfuld have create a bunch of really cool merc including some very cool posters and totes.


Ovolo // I haven’t seen any like this before – and I really love it. Ovolo creates products and solutions from close collaboration between the architect and the craftsman. They balance traditional Scandinavian joinery and wood processing with a continual exploration of new production methods and techniques. Their Aita series consists of a range of door handles made of wood and brass.


Leerbaek // I like the idea of a hanging garden and Leerbaeks Plantwire helps with that in a very cool way. It almost makes your plants appear as small works of art. All Plantwires are produced in Denmark, which I of course also like very much.


Pine Cone Project // Brother and sister, Thor and Liv, wants to use their creativity to spread the word and educate us all about the Danish eatable nature. I live close to big green areas and would love to know more about what I can actually gather and use in the kitchen.


Holst & Eschenmoser // I am really looking forward to seeing their first real product, the SEIT bench, which after a very successful kickstarter campaign soon will go into production. I just love how kickstarter makes it possible for new talent to grown and get their designs out into the world.


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