December Wishes

I really wanted this post to have been live a week ago, but between finishing the guesthouse in LA, flying back to Copenhagen, and going to London for the day Tuesday, I just couldn’t get the job done, but here it is. I guess that pretty much sums up December for most people, we all struggle to find time, everything just seems to be so much more time consuming.

Intentions and wishes. In December I want to…

  • Spend as much time with friends as family as possible.
  • Not stressing about buying presents. Luckily, I don’t have that many to get, but I really want to take my time finding the perfect gifts for everyone. And I want to wrap them all accordingly in reusable sustainable chemical free paper.
  • More in the same vein, I want as many of my presents to be sustainable and ecofriendly as possible.
  • Writing Christmas cards – best tradition ever!
  • Visit Tivoli. I haven’t been for so long and the Christmas version is always so incredible.

I really look forward to…

  • Boarding the plane to Singapore and Bali.
  • The first snow. Tbh I am not a big fan, but then again, I wouldn’t mind just one day of a snow-covered Copenhagen.
  • All those traditional Danish Christmas lunches, hence spending time with friends.

I am gonna listen to…

SYML, just perfect for early December mornings. I am also really enjoying the Danish podcast, Mørkeland, a little bit scary, but also extremely interesting.

I am gonna watch…

… my favorite Christmas movies over and over again. You know, all the classics… The Holiday, Home Alone, and Love Actually.

I am gonna read…

Own the Day, Own Your Life. Don’t we all just want to live the best life. To enjoy it to the fullest.

Dreaming about…

… a 2019 where the environment with get on EVERYONES agenda

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