Denmark’s Coolest Architects Just Announced a Two-product Series for L. Ercolani

I certainly hope that May won’t be inspired by todays weather. By the looks of it, all of Europe went two steps back, the last few weeks we got the best of spring and we want it back please. One day of rain and sweater weather is fine, but don’t make it a trend. With no desire to be on the balcony today, I turned my attention to today’s post instead – another treat from Norm Architects.

They are back with another partnership. Last year they created a stunning collection for Karimoku Case Study, and today they announced a two-product series for L. Ercolani, a sub-brand of UK furniture maker Ercol.

Ercol is actually a very old lady, established in 1920 by the 32-year-old trained furniture make Lucian Ercolani. Influenced by local artistry and classic British design traditions was its inception and still is. The products are all quite humble and very timeless, furniture designs at its simplest form.

Norm Architects have created two products; a chair and a cabinet, the latter being my favorite. As I pointed out the other day in my Friday post, canvas is making a comeback, and I love the use of the fabric on the cabinet fronts. I am not so sure about the chair; I do feel like we’ve seen it before. What do you think?

Nevertheless, I love that Norm continues to design for international brands, so we can keep the Danish design spirit alive throughout the world.

Photography by Christian Møller Andersen & styling by Sofie Brünner

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