Designing the Bungalow5 Shoe with Stig Percy Part I

I am a self-confessed shoe addict, at one point I owned more than 130 pairs of shoes, I gave most of them away, and now down to “only” 30ish pairs. So, if there is something I know, other than interior, it’s shoes. I am sure you can relate to my excitement on my newest collaboration with Swedish shoemaking brand Stig Percy – I AM DESIGNING A SHOE. For real.

I have worked on this project for about 6 months and just received the first prototype. I have had many ideas, tried to draw, chosen the leather and now it’s really starting to come together. VERY EXCITING. I wanted to create something that would be both casual and stylish, something you could walk around in all day, and also something that was not in the Stig Percy collection already. A slip-on sneaker seemed perfect. If you can’t wait to know more, you should check out the interview I did about the collaboration here.

At the end of August, we went to Portugal, where they are being produced – a journey I will take you on in part II – but soon you’ll be able to live and walk the Bungalow5 brand.

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    Stig PercySTIG PERCY x BUNGALOW 5: Part I - Stig Percy
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    Stig PercySTIG PERCY x BUNGALOW 5: The Sneakers - Stig Percy
    December 2, 2018 at 13:15

    […] During the development, we brought Allan with us to visit our factory outside of Porto, to document the journey and process from ideas and sketches to a finished product, a journey that you can read about in our Part I blog post and on Bungalow 5. […]

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    Designing the Bungalow5 Shoe with Stig Percy Part II – Bungalow5
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    […] via Stig Percy. I hope you agree, that this collab certainly is a perfect fit. As I shared in my part I of this series, designing a shoe has been a dream of mine for a very long time. The idea behind my shoe is […]

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