Do’s & Don’t’s On Throwing The Perfect New Years Eve Party

Throwing a good New Years Eve party is not an easy task. It is the same every year I think, you invite people, they sort of reply, but everyone expectations are always super high for this last night of the year. To make it all come together, there is a few golden rules you need to follow to make a good host – and some you want your guest to follow too. It is after all New Years Eve we are talking about here right? So people dress up for one, no wrinkled shirts (it really doesn’t have to be a full smoking, but at least put on a tie) and girls, this is the time to dig out those high heels. And for the table setting, no paper napkins, it is basically linen or non at all – and while you are ironing them, then please give the linen tablecloth a go to (if you are throwing one on the table). Here is my list of do’s and don’t’s when throwing a New Years Eve party.


Illustration by louise haugaard nielsen for Bungalow5



DO try to invite a good mix of people: someone smart; someone gay; someone with a talent, a singer or a contortionist; and by all means, someone completely mad and over the top.

DON’T think you need to invite people in a certain age group – a good crowd is a crowd of all ages – from late (late) teens to someone who lived doing WWII.


DO invite as many people as you can possibly fill in your apartment, and then add 10. You want it to be crowded, you want your neighbors to know you are having the party and you want them to hate you for it. Also, there is nothing worse that sitting in at a half empty living room trying to make a party happening.

DON’T always say no if your friends asks if they can bring someone. Remember you might meet someone you didn’t know, and quite often party crashers are the most fun, because they don’t know anyone else.


DO set a theme for the evening, if your friends are into it. A theme party is only fun if people go all-out. In any case, you should have a bag full of fun dress outfit and wigs to pull out at 2.00am.

DON’T have a theme actually. It is fun to begin with, but after a while, you just want to pull of that synthetic wig and outfits.


DO send out a proper invitation – like a real letter posted in the mail. It sets the mood even before the party is started.

DON’T send out a Facebook invitation unless you are throwing a pre teen party.


DO serve real champagne, not crémant or cava. Always have vodka and gin – and maybe just one more mixer for simple drinks like dark & stormy.

DON’T drink too much yourself. You want to keep your poise, at least until midnight and then who really are paying attention anymore?

Social Media

DO consider how much you want to be shared. If your guests want to post on SoMe, ask them to only post pictures of themselves. You could hand out Polaroid cameras, which are always fun and makes sharing a bit more difficult.

DON’T forbid pictures altogether, but quite frankly you only need that one good photo for Instagram.


DO stick with one theme. I don’t want to say less is more, but certainly not more is more. And keep it tasteful. No party poopers with naked ladies. Do have confetti, but hide the glitter – you’ll thank me in the morning.

DON’T make it too minimalistic; white and silver only, that’s just so last century.


DO lock doors, its really not rude.

DON’T have guests hanging out in your bedroom. If they want to do the dirty secret thing, just go home.

Midnight Snack

DO have a midnight snack planned, but do serve, if you are Danish, marzipan ring cake at midnight and save the snack for after fireworks.

DON’T make midnight snack and excuse to make people leaving. If the party is going, let it go. Deal later.

Most important – just have an amazing time and enjoy the New Year in good company.

Happy New Year




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  • Reply
    January 3, 2017 at 19:03

    Allan, Happy New Year. Love your blog, but I’m a little offended by your comment to invite “someone gay”. Being gay isn’t a super power, nor does it make someone more or less interesting. My tip for the party would be invite people who are interesting and who you like – irrespective of their sexual or gender preference. A room full of tax accountants can make a fabulous party if they are open, fun and an interesting group, and most importantly, have a good soul and are up for a good time!

    • Reply
      January 3, 2017 at 20:13

      Thank you and you too. I’m happy to hear that you love BUNGALOW5 – and I love to get all types of response to my blog posts. The post you refer to was ment to have a frisky and casual tone – and that included a couple of stereotypes. I fully understand your view on stereotypes such as accountants, gays etc. and I will try not to make the same mistake again.

      – and I do hope you had a great Newyears your self – in great company!

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