Dyson’s New Lamp Is the Dose of Daylight Your Office Needs

When we want to focus on something important at the desk, when we want to spend a relaxing Friday night at home, when we want to read a book, what do we do? We turn on the light most suitable. Ambiance is everything when you want to focus or cozy up at home.

You might remember I went on a quick trip to Milan a few months ago to get a sneak peek of Dyson’s newest product: the Dyson Lightcycle Morph-lamp. And just last week, one was delivered to my home.

For years Dyson has been known for their bagless vacuums and air purifiers, and just last year they created a new niche product in the category of lamps with their first Lightcycle and their new sequel offers more of the novel features: simulating natural sunlight customized to the activity and location of its user.

Via your phones GPS connecting to the lamp, it knows its location adapting its light transforming it to something that is very close to the daylight cycle outside. And Dyson promise it will last you at least 60 years, at the event they actually used the word “lifetime”.

“We spend up to 90% of our time indoors. So our new light tracks daylight and transforms for different uses – providing the right light throughout the day.”

– Jake Dyson, Chief Engineer

The new lamp is extremely flexible. While Dyson Lightcycle Morph is first and foremost a task light, its moveable arm and changeable light also allows you to shift the light mode to exactly what you need it for like indirect, feature or ambient light. The latter is really clever, inside the perforated tube LED light will illuminate the room with a warmer, indirect glow, giving your room a more relaxing mood perfect for the late hours of the day.

One of the features via the app, the wake-up mode, I really like. Place the lamp in your bedroom and it will turn on when you want to wake up. It happens with light that increases gradually to simulate sunrise. You can also set the lamp to away-mode, which will make it turn on and off on certain times, making it look like you are home, when you are not.

I have used the lamp around the apartment and made it a permanent feature on my vintage desk. While the days are getting remarkably longer and longer in Denmark at the moment, I really like the extra warmer task light at those wee hours. I am an early riser even.

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