Embracing the Darker Times with Perfect Ambience

Besides shoes, my collection of lamps has probably been the collection that has grown the most within the last few years. I have always known how important light is, but also never really put too much effort into finding the right lamps. Just the other day, we set the clock back, which means that the day just seems even shorter, since it’s basically dark whenever we are not working. If you think about it, it can very quickly become very depressing, so I think it is important to actually focus on only counting the hours we do have daylight, and not so much on the darker hours – and also, focus on surrounding yourself with great lamps. Lamps that gives you joy every time to hit the on button.

The coming months really showcases how well the Scandinavians do cozy, and lamps take great part in creating the right cozy mood. Yes, it is not just all about candles. It’s about exciting the eye, create the right mood, emphasize a certain style and add new life to the interior. Of course, there is a different in the lamps you need for the kitchen, the office, by the bed, above your dining table or by your favorite reading chair. The lights quality, the representation of colors, warmth and direction should always be in your considerations when choosing the right lamps. When you have all your basic lights in place, you add the extra lamps, the ones that will create that perfect mood. Embrace the darker season. Create the perfect ambience. Create your atmosphere with sources of light that exude the warmth that hides in the season. Surround yourself with light.

Last week I talked about colored glass being one the hottest trends right now (and in 2019), which means we have to look at the masters of glass, Iittala. I have been a big fan of the Leimu lamp designed by Magnus Pettersen for years, last year I embraces the bigger version with a concrete base, but this year, as I just said, it really is all about the colored glass, so I simply had to add the smaller all glass version. It is perfect for creating that perfect ambience, in a dark corner, in a bookshelf or in the window.

Posted in partnership with Iittala. Thoughts and opinions are 100% my own. Thanks for supporting collaborations that I am excited about and that have kept Bungalow5’s doors open.

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