Enjoy Mega Exclusive 20%OFF The Iconic Jetson Chair

I have something mega exclusive to share with you guys today. I am so stoked about it, so I am just going to jump right in.

Back in November last year, I announced that the Jetson Chair was now finally available in the US. Now, my friends at Duxiana USA, have allowed me to share an amazing 20%OFF discount code for you guys ONLY. Amazing right?

The code “B5DK2020” gives 20% off the Jetson Chair
ONLY online and ONLY for US residents


Bruno Mathsson was one of the frontrunners in what has come to be called Swedish Modern. His philosophy started out from the human body and led him to design furniture underlining the ergonomics. Legend has it that his now iconic Jetson Chair came about, in search of the perfect seating curve, sat in a snowbank to study the imprint his body had made.

The chair is now available in 4 different editions; two in all leather; two in the 50th anniversary edition versions. With the exclusive discount code, you can save up to $1,050. So if there was any a time to add one of my personal favorite icons to your own home, now it that time.

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