Enter The Loft, the Amsterdam Pop-Up You Want to Move Into

I got a treat for you today. I am taking you to Amsterdam, to a place I have been wanting to visit for a while. I have seen it come up on multiple occasions while searching for inspiration. I am talking about the Loft – an interior design agency. They pride themselves with one single passion; seeing spaces work their magic on people. Don’t you just love that approach?

Let’s just Enter the Loft: A showroom setup as a home, combining interior design which also functions as a curated shop. It is a place where every single item was handpicked out and made by artisans and brands they really admire. They wanted to make The Loft a place where beautiful brands would come together and enhance one another.

It’s good right? It is not easy making one big room work as a home, and even though this is not exactly a home, it sure gives you the feel. And it certainly makes me miss my previous apartment in Copenhagen, which had a huge living room, kitchen and dining room space. I for one wouldn’t mind moving in. The long kitchen and dining table in the middle just seem perfect for great gatherings with lots of friends.

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All photos courtesy of The Loft – shared with kind permission.

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