Experience A Culinary Treat In The Middle Of Nature

It was a long day last Wednesday. In the middle of all the moving-in chaos, testing the Porsche Panamara, I got up super early to jump on a plane to Stockholm. I was invited by Scottish whisky brand Talisker to experience a unique culinary experience in the middle of nature on a little island in the middle of the skerries of Stockholm.

Talisker whisky was born in rugged nature, at a remote windblown distillery on Isle of Skye in Scotland. Staying true to nature, we experienced the untapped treasures of the Scandinavian landscape. A high-speed boat trip later and we moored cliff side to a tiny island with only a couple of houses and a lighthouse. In the strong headwinds we went through a tasting of all the Talisker whisky range, my favorite being the ”18 years old”, very rich and soft in taste, and not very smoky.

Semi-tipsy on an empty stomach, we found our seat around the nice set tables, still outside. Talisker had invited along Swedish chefs Joel Åhlin and Filip Fastén from Agrikultur to cook a wonderful meal just for us (You actually have a change to experience this too, just stay put).

Scandinavian countries have very diverse natural habitats, mountains, forests, lakes and islands, making it possible for us to experience the great outdoors at any time. Still, large parts of the landscape and magnificent views go unexplored and unseen. Somehow we seem to have lost track of what comes naturally to us all – discovering new paths.

So now it is your change to experience this great partnership between Talisker Whisky and the Swedish chefs Joel Åhlin and Filip Fastén from Agrikultur. For one day only, or actually two, one day in Sweden and one in Denmark, you can experience a culinary experience in the middle of nature. Make sure to book your seat at the table in time for this once in a lifetime experience!


I was invited by Talisker, which means they covered all expenses in relation to my trip to Stockholm.

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