Expert Advice: 9 Design Ideas to Steal from the New Ferm Living Catalogue

I have to admit, I am an avid fan of the ferm living team. Every year the pull out new and fantastic pieces and combine it in such a way that you just want it all. Just a few weeks back, I visited their stunning “The Home” apartment in Copenhagen for the second time, it works like a showroom for clients and press, so unfortunately not open to the public. You just have to take my word for it, it is absolutely amazing and very inspiring. I did share a few images on my Instagram feed, which A LOT of you also liked.

What is open to the public is the new ferm living catalogue, which is also an amazing experience to flick through. I asked founder Trine Andersen to walk us through to pick her graphic designer brain on great ideas to steal for you to incorporate in your home.

01. Sculptural aesthetics
Our new collection is designed in the nexus of aesthetics and functionality. We are fascinated with sculptural silhouettes, turning everyday furniture and accessories into little art pieces. The little subtle details which make all the difference is something that I always prioritise in design – also when decorating my own home. And this sculptural aesthetic underlines the current trends with little hints borrowed from the more extravagant time periods of design history.


02. Terracotta
Save to say, our brand was never about white walls or clean, greyscale interiors. We have always designed inside a colourful universe, and we love exploring what different colours do to a room. This season is all about terracotta – from fashion to furniture, and we love the depth, and nature-like feel it brings. If you aren’t convinced enough to paint an entire room in a rusty shade, our new colour for our classic Plant Boxes may be just the right way of introducing it into your home.


03. Take advantage of alternative m2
I think there’s something very Scandinavian about small homes, and designing for modest, ‘normal-sized’ homes that don’t offer grand spaces, foyers, or dining halls has always been an essential part of our design DNA. With the new Wall Boxes, you get an easy way of taking advantage of the walls that are so often only used for decorative purposes. This way, you find space in places you didn’t think there was any, and make room for what’s important to you.” It can also be used for plants as well.


04. Surfaces, textures and structures are more important than ever
We work with many different materials but what is the most fantastic about them, is how they mix so well. The new brown marble quality is a stunning material in itself with its beautiful structure but mixed with glass, brass and a rich tufted rug, that’s where the real magic happens. They’re all natural materials, each in their own way, and together they enhance the expression of each other. The same happens when you dare to mix two seemingly very different textiles or cushions. Go with what you love, and create a great style in the meeting of different textures and materials.


05. Dimensions
One thing that makes your home come alive and have that warm and welcoming atmosphere is if you stay clear of flat surfaces and play with the creation of different dimensions. That may be dimensions in height as with the Wall Boxes as mentioned earlier, but it may also be in a more abstract sense. The new Desert Rugs are tufted in two different lengths so that the rugs have this 3D-like expression with the slightly thicker artwork. The same goes for the new textiles, which are made using different weaving techniques and unique yarn qualities, all working together in creating depths and an engaging dynamic.


06. Darker colours for more elegancy
We have retrieved a bit to a more moody, darker colour scheme this season in the creation of a home that makes out a little haven from the everyday hustle. The darker colours, not least black, have, to a certain extent, been in bad graces for a while, but they’re coming back with all their power and elegance. It may seem like a bold move to paint with dark, brown, grey or blue, but the darker shades have a way of creating the perfect sense of atmospheric space. We’ve been taught that white walls make a room look bigger, but don’t be afraid to try out darker colours – they’ll turn your room into an elegant setting. If you have a room without much light, try to paint it dark – a great and cosy effect.


07. Details from the world of jewellery
Just like I update my outfit with statement jewellery or little gems of something special, I like to add little pieces with the same decorative purpose and ability to accentuate something. Our Hooks concept made of brass and semi-precious stones is a great way of giving your kitchen cupboards a make-over, bringing new life to a hallway, or just add little pieces of nature in your home. The same way, our cushions feature a little brass rivet and zipper that add the subtle design of the textiles a touch of something special.


08. Showcase your beautiful mess
I like to surround myself with little things, decorations, and memories. But to give them the space they deserve, it’s important that the rest of the room isn’t flooded. And we all need a little helping hand to clean up the mess. Many of our new designs do that by being practical and stylish storage solutions. These designs are also a great way of letting your personality shine through in the decoration of your home, and at the end of the day, that’s what creates a beautiful home where you feel well and at ease.


09. Plants, plants, plants
It may not be ground-breaking, but the green trend continues, and the plants are still inevitable. The new BAU series, however, creates a new setting for the plants, moving a bit away from the all-natural style towards a combination of the classic lines and clear expression from the Bauhaus architecture. They also add to the sense of dimensions and give you the opportunity of using your favourite corner, either indoor or outdoor of free floor space for the plants instead of staying on the window sill. It’s a great way to make your balcony ready for spring.

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    January 28, 2018 at 16:30

    That’s some great advice and I intend to incorporate some of the ideas in our home as well. Still learning how not to kill plants in 30 days though…
    I absolutely love The Home and hope to visit soon.

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