The more I travel, the more I realize how much I love and appreciate Los Angeles. In NYC I talked with friends who just moved from the West coast to the East coast about the challenging weathers at both sides, but mostly how Los Angeles only have two seasons, where one is excruciating warm and one is just warm. There is really never any escape from the sun. Being a Dane and lived my entire life in Denmark with dismal weather, I haven’t quite come to hate the never ending sun just yet, quite the opposite really.


I love exploring the city, even when it is very hot. Actually, because of the low humidity it never really feels to bad, or at least I can cope most days. Nothing like hot days in NYC, where the humidity just doesn’t do anything good for me. I am a mess from the minute I step outside of air-conditioned rooms. I love exploring LA and one of my favorite places in LA is the J. Paul Getty Museum, commonly referred to as the Getty. I love the beige-colored Italian travertine panels that pretty much cover all the retaining walls of the curvy buildings.

Truth be told, I also wanted the perfect backdrop to sport my newest threads from Idle Man, which btw. is having a huge sale right now and as an added bonus you’ll receive a 20% discount using “BUNGALOW20” on check out (not valid on sale, bikes or gift cards). The discount code is valid for 2 weeks only, so until Aug 5th.

Photos by Allan Torp

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