Favorite Berlin Hotel Gets a Revamp

It has been awhile since I was in Berlin last, even though it is really just a few hours from Copenhagen, but with a makeover of one of my favorite places have definitely bumped Berlin up on my must go-to soon list.

Together with London-based Jonathan Tuckey Design and Danish architect Sigurd Larsen Michelberger hotel have finally gotten a fresh new update. I really loved the look incorporated of flea-market furnishings and inexpensive materials throughout the interiors, but what felt new and cool in 2009, when the hotel first opened, honestly, just felt dated today.

Jonathan Tuckey Design have created stunning new suites, with off-white plaster walls, with darker floors in the main rooms and a terrazzo look in the open bathroom area, all paired with sandy beige curtains and bed throws, darker wooden furniture and cool lamps. It is very modern minimalistic, but still full of warmth and charm.

Sigurd Larsen gave the lobby its new look with new timber sofas and big, bold, amber-colored chandeliers. There is really nothing better than a hotel where the lobby is a place you want to hang out, where it’s full of life and even locals wants to come – that’s what you get at Michelberger hotel.

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Also, if you are up for a laugh, check out my post about the Michelberger hotel from my visit in 2011. I almost feel ashamed of how bad the photos are, but hey, it just proves I have come a long way in the past 8 years.


Photography is by Philipp Obkircher or via Michelberger hotel

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