Ferm Living Just Launched Their Spring Collection – And It’s Good

Ferm Living would like you to see your home as your sanctuary. A place where your everyday routine meets big, defining moments, where celebrations and sacrifices share space with minor frustrations and significant moments of joy. It’s where life happens.

They have created a range of new designs that will help you to build a home that’s authentically and comfortably you. A home that encompasses all the delights and contradictions of living in a modern world.

It is all about earthy tones and organic shapes meeting sculptural lines; solid, robust forms are merged with soft, natural fittings with a lot of focus on honest materials that are no more, and no less, than what they appear to be. Their new desert lounging chair is the perfect proof, made out of recycled plastic bottles.

Ferm Living is embracing the concept of ‘low living’ – many of their designs will bring you closer to the ground, inviting you to lean back, rest and connect to your surroundings on a new and deeper level.

Simplifying our homes is definitely something I am thinking about heading into this new decade. Unfortunately, not many of the new designs have hit the stores yet, give it a month or two —but in the meantime, just dive in some of all the great new pictures from their new catalogue that I have bookmarked:

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    January 18, 2020 at 18:18

    I want it all!!

    • Reply
      January 24, 2020 at 09:06

      I’ve already made a list 🙂

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