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Today one of Denmark’s all time greatest furniture designers would have turned 104. Finn Juhl was not schooled in furniture design, but was an architect. He was born in 1912, and didn’t have a craftsman’s background like his peers Wegner and Mogensen. Initially he wanted to study the history of art, but his father wanted him to get a proper job, so he started at the architecture school in Copenhagen in 1930. He actually never finished.

Juhl was highly inspired by the arts, like Mondrian’s paintings and sculptures by Henry Moores, Barbar Hepworths and Jean Arps. Basically there are two kinds of Finn Juhl pieces of furniture, partly the simple chairs, partly the upholstered armchairs and couches. Juhl’s chairs always shows a sublime craftsmanship, almost without any exceptions in noble woods, like Cuba mahogany or teak. The Chieftains Chair being the Rolls Royce model in Juhl’s repertoire, but also his chair known as the 45 Chair is a very good example of his work. The big upholstered pieces had a totally different expression than the simple wooden chairs; best known is probably the Pelican Chair and the Poet sofa.

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Finn Juhl is not only known for his great pieces of furniture. He did mayor interior designs all over the world; like the Guardian Council chamber at U.N. Headquarters in New York. He also designed many of Georg Jensen’s flagships store all over the world and SAS-offices in Europe and Asia.

Today all rights to Finn Juhl’s furniture are owned by One Collection, who also produces a lot of his best pieces.

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