First Morning In New Digs

First night in my new home, so far I am pretty trilled with my new digs. Today will be a hole lot of unpacking. I really want to get everything in its right place as soon as possible. Last night I managed to get my bed sorted and unpack most of my kitchen, I knew I would want a fresh cup of coffee this AM. I moved a bit out of Copenhagen to a newly developed area closer to open areas and nature, only 20 minutes on my bike to the city center, we are not talking countryside or anything. Just more space and closer to the airport, which is handy as I am going travel a lot rest of year.

I promise you, I will show you a lot more of the new apartment, but everything around these photos are a total mess – you might want to check out Instagram and hit my story, which will give you some sneak peeks.

photo © allan torp

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