Five Favorite Things

Thank you for joining me for another five favorite things post. It looks like you really do like them with all the jumping via the links you guys are making. That makes me very happy, keep it up.

So welcome to another Monthly Favorite’s post. March edition to be exact! Raise your hand if you are excited to see March here finally! With March here, it means Spring is here too, though most of Europe is cold as a freezer and covered in snow, it cannot be long until we can sit outside with a blanket and feel the sun on our faces.

Moving along. This past month I went to Stockholm and Los Angeles, but you know that already. And I celebrated my 38th birthday, but you know that too. What else is new Allan? Well, I have some pretty cool collaborations coming up this month with some of my favorite Danish brands – and hopefully I can show you another VERY cool project I have been working on too.

Question: Since I have been travelling so much lately and been mostly focused on brand news. I’d love to know if there is anything you would like me to cover this next month? A few years ago I did the annual Spring Cure, would that be something you would want me to do again? Or should I do a whole week where I focus on just one room, like the kitchen? What do you think? I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Ps. I am getting a few requests for more Expert Advice kind of blogs, is that something you would like me to do more of?


01. March Goals

  1. Post at least 5 times a week (again)
  2. Be a good boyfriend… I already am though. I think.
  3. Make plans for Milan trip next month… who else is going?
  4. Get back to the gym… my rule is, if the sun is out I HAVE to go, since I really cannot be bothered to bike in snow or rain.
  5. Get my kitchen painted and updated… I am so bored with the all white look right now
  6. Cook more… as soon as I’ve painted it all
  7. Install my new lamp… couldn’t resist ordering this one when I saw it in Stockholm


02. My 3 Favorite Clothing Brands to Follow (and wear)

  • Håndværk… don’t think there is one item I do not like. So cool, so basic.
  • Vince… I really like their suede shoes
  • Joseph… especially their knitted cardigans


03. 5 Products Launches That Got Me Excited

  • The very on-trend right now Knit-Wit lamp in a new color – Sunrise
  • I am already a big fan of Ole Palsby’s cutlery design, and the new steak knife is a great addition. Especially as most steak knife does look half as great as this one.
  • New scented candles by Blomus. Not only do they look amazing, but the scent is very discrete – and the price is also very good.
  • It was actually about time that Stelton include a nice cup in their all-black Theo collection.
  • Honestly, I have never really been a huge fan of the classic Lyngby vase, but the new edition with running glaze is actually not bad. I like the all black version best though.

04. A Few Posts I Am Loving…

05. Stepping Up My IG Story Game

I am really feeling mega inspired with stepping up my Instagram story game, which you might have noticed already. I have highlighted a few, most of them disappear in 24hrs. I actually spend a good amount of time on filming and editing them, which might seem weird when they disappear in a day, but I enjoy it and they make me stand out. Learning new things is important, especially as a self-employed blogger you can very quickly fall into the routine – which to me is just boring. So I really encourage you guys to check them out.



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