Five Favorite Things

For the past year I have a every month made my 10 Things I Like, which I have now taken to Decor8, so instead of doing the same thing here, I wanted to do something new, so welcome to my new take on my favorite things – I hope you’ll like it.

I hope you are well back after the holidays. I am kind of loving sitting at my desk again, but still need to get back into gear, especially my photos are not up to speed yet. I am finding it difficult and not really loving what I do. Maybe its because I haven’t felt 100% after a few days with a cold, today is sort of first day not feeling it anymore.

In other news, I have a lot of cool content in store for you this year and already signed some very cool clients, all while working on a mayor projects, which is still too secret to tell about. I am also working on getting my vlog back in gear, but with way more focus on interior. For those of you following for a long time, might remember my vlogging attempt a few years ago, which was just me rambling everyday.

I already have a lot of travel plans both holiday and business. First I will be going to Stockholm furniture fair next month, and I am definitely planning to do some video content here. I’ll be sure to let you guys know when it’s online.

But lets get to it. My new monthly series; five favorite things.


01. Podcasts

Whenever I bike or go for my daily walk around my neighborhood, I really enjoy listening to podcasts. It’s my mean to get my daily news, listen to cool inspirational ted talks or great interviews with people I admire. Here are my top 8 podcasts you too should listen too this month.

How To Be Amazing #72 with Alyssa Milano… I just love her laughter.

This Is Actually Happening #104: What if you woke up to a loud bang?… every episode blows my mind

Tyler Brûler’s coloum: A radical departure… oh I wanted to cheat time flying the concord.


02. A few travel posts I am Loving…

With more than 6 months away from Copenahgen last year, I am determined to travel just as much this year. I find so much inspiration and joy in travelling, so why stop right. On my bucket list this year is Tokyo and the Amalfi, which I have be dreaming about visiting for years, so I just have to make it happen this year.

Have you planned any trips already? Or which destinations are on you dream bucket list? Here are a few posts I have safe for future planning.

Wanderlusting: Where to travel in 2018… full of great links

17 Colourful towns and cities in Europe… if you want that perfect Insta photo

18 Countries to visit in 2018… #1 YES

7 Amazing things to do in Tulum, Mexico… watch the video too

The best treats in New York City… by my favorite travel couple. They are just so adorable.


03. Products News

I receive multiple emails every day with new products being launched, so when better than to share my favorites with you guys here too, the post is called favorite things for crying out loud.

Fritz Hansen will later this year (re)launch Arne Jacobsen’s The Pot™. A chair that was first launched by Fritz Hansen in 1960 together with the iconic Egg™, Swan™ and Drop™ chair, all designed by Arne Jacobsen for the SAS Royal hotel.

This month Bylassen will launch a whole new dining chair to their collection. They call it an ode and a kind compliment to the two architect brothers Lassen and their great eye for detail, quality and form, whom have designed most of Bylassen’s collection.

I am really also digging the new green collection from Bang & Olufsen. Yes, I know it came out before the holidays, but I haven’t really written much about it.

And have you seen the new photos from Smålands skinnmanufaktur – I basically want it all now, but their trolley is just insane!

04. Bye 2017, Hello 2018!

I am not really a fan of any detox, but I have to admit, I do like to start on a fresh new beginning, make room for new, clean out what I really do not use anymore, or simply repurpose those things in a cool way. Getting rid of things doesn’t necessarily mean physical items, but could also be more emotional baggage, so here is my short list that will have you too start and kick the things you don’t need to the curb.

Clean out your closets
January sale is the perfect time to go through your towels and bed linen; it might be time for new ones. Towels can only stay new and stay fresh for a certain time, nothing worse than a smelly towel to dry yourself with. The same goes for those bed linens. They do of course last longer. I keep to sets, nothing more, and just change in between these two. I give each set two years, and change one every year.

Kick Those Bad Habits
It is the same every January. You look in the mirror and think “I want to loose weight” and ten months later, we haven’t lost anything other than money for the gym membership that we have paid for the past year. Bad habits doesn’t only have to be around health issues, but it might as well be, spending too much time on Instagram, buying too many magazines that you never read, or simply just spend too much money on stupid unnecessary things and never safe for those bucket list travel destinations. Start taking actions and stay with them. Be committed. Work smart. And just kick those bad habits to the curb.

Start planning
Whether you keep a daily journal, I know a lot really loved doing the Bullet Journal thing last year, or simply just stick to your phone as your trusted keep track keeper, you need to priorities. So many keeps adding to the pile, if you already have a pretty full schedule and now wants to see your friends more, spend more time with family, or finally go to the gym at least 3 times a week, you have to take something out of the equation for it to sum up. There is only 24 hours in a day and you do need to sleep too. So don’t expect to have time for everything. Start planning and be realistic. I myself tend to think I can get way more done that I manage, and then beat myself down for not getting everything done. Not this year.


05. On My Playlist This Month

Saveus – Time Can Heal A Man

Thomston – Float (Anden remix)

Justin Timberlake – Filthy




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    Guioly Mayoral
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    I love your blog, Allan. Is such an inspiration and an amazing corner of internet.

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      Thank you so much, thats is so nice of you to say.

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