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I haven’t made a car review for so long, so it was good to get on the road last week.

It was irony of fate really. New in Denmark, is the Ford Edge – a real nice SUV. Last week I went on a two day trip arranged by Ford to try out this fab car. The funny thing was, that I just the week before pretty much drove an Edge an entire week in Los Angeles, as my friend I stayed with in Venice, own one. And yes, the reunion joy was great.

Nothing bad about my friend and his car, but the one I got to test-drive last week, was pimped out to the fullest, showing of all the new Ford gear. I was quick to pick the one with automatic gear (why you would ever pick a manuel version of any car really, is beyond me!), which also had Adaptive Steering, Active Noise Control system and the new 3.0 Fords SYNC system (now in Danish). I am not going to get all technical on you guys, just want to say, all of the above is amazing features – basically they make the car drive itself, you almost (I said almost) don’t have to do anything anymore when driving on the freeway.

Ford Edge is a big car, a SUV, which means, you do not want this car if you live in a city like Copenhagen, parking would be a nightmare, even though it comes with the self parking assistance (press a button and the car parks). It is however, the perfect car if you are on the road for a great deal of time, as the comfort is just perfect and all the features make driving so easy.

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