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It was one of those early mornings. I got up super early and was praying for a beautiful sunset. I arrived to Amager Strand park just as the sun started to show itself. Mornings like these just makes it so easy to get great photos of, yeah pretty much anything, this particular day I was driving the new Ford Mondeo station car.

Bungalow5_Mondeo Morning_5

Bungalow5_Mondeo Morning_3

I love the deep impact blue colour, but what I love the most about Ford, is that they pay attention to details. The interior is great and it is so easy to drive. You get in, without using the key at any point, the car recognises you as you approach (with the key in your pocket!), start the engine and go. Oh. And the most badass feature of them all is the park assistant. You can both use it to park, but also to get out of a tight spot. Just let the car know where you want to go and it will do everything else for you. Now that is a very useful feature living in the city driving a very big and long car.

Did I say I actually also jumped into the ice cold water. Okay, maybe not ice cold, but cold. Thank god for heated seats.

Bungalow5_Mondeo Morning_4

Bungalow5_Mondeo Morning_2

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