Former Copenhagen Coal Crane Transformed Into A Private Retreat

While everything else has pretty much been demolished in the Copenhagen Nordhavn, one unique and a true landmark to the area has been left behind and it even got an amazing makeover. Thanks to new construction methods, Danish architecture studio Arcgency has transformed the former coal crane into ”The Krane”.

Fully decked out in furniture by Danish Menu, it now emanates a very soothing sense of serenity and contains a reception area on the ground floor, a meeting room called the ‘glass box’ on the first floor, a spa and terrace on the second floor and a retreat on the top called the ‘Krane Room’ that comes with a secluded lounge and terrace.

I could definitely see myself live in a coal crane. Do you remember when the ski jumper room atop of the Norwegian Holmekollen was transformed? I love these projects.

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