Formland 2019 Preview

It is fair season, and this year I’ll be checking out 3 – and I am going to start with the biggest of the Danish fairs, Formland,which is already in just a few weeks, January 31 – February 3 to be exact. I haven’t visited for many years, so I actually genuinely excited to visit this year. I find that visiting fairs can feel slightly overwhelming and daunting, especially if you do not have a plan prior to your visit. So to make it easy, I want to share some of the brands, installations and products I’m looking forward to seeing this year. I hope this list will assist you in planning your own Formland 2019 agenda. Alternatively, if you’re not going to Formland this year, you can live vicariously through this list and coming posts. Plus, you can also look forward to a highlighted video or follow along my story on Instagram when I visit. Everyone’s a winner!


Paper Collective // was founded in Copenhagen in 2013 with a mission to make great art available and affordable to consumers all over the world and look at them now. They are continuing to work with some of the coolest artists and designers that we all want hanging on our walls. One of the things I also really love about Paper Collective is how they spend a significant part of all sales on a good cause, this year focus is on a school in Taplejung, Nepal in collaboration with Human Practice Foundation. Did I mention that everything is produced in Europe and printed on FSC certified paper by certified sustainable suppliers?


Broste Copenhagen // It’s been a while since I have experienced Broste’s universe up close, so I am excited to see all their new (and existing) collection. They really do contemporary with a twist of Scandinavia so well and their tableware is no exception. New to the table are two new collections and a new range of colored glass, which is one of the most trendy things for the home right now.


Gejst // With new partners and owners behind the brand, it really looks promising with Gejst. Inspired by the Nordic lifestyle, Gejst creates interior products and their award winning Nebl vase is a spectacular planter designed by Michael Rem, which was launched last year. I really look forward to whats next from Gejst.


Woud // Will be presenting three new products at Formland, a rug, a lamp, and a table. It all started in 2014 with a dream and desire to create new design originals, and today just 5 years later, their collection features more than 130 designs. Very impressive. I really like they stick with their Danish heritage, which is very clear in all their designs. It never gets boring and very often it’s very innovative products, which is also the case with their new lamp, Pump. I would like to see a bit more focus on sustainability from Woud in the future.



Lillerød // Who doesn’t love brands with a long history? And when it’s all about making it all handmade while helping the community I am for it. All Lillerød baskets are produced by carefully selected ash from Germany and produced by sheltered workshops, which just makes the product even more precious. I am really looking forward to touching it all and seeing that new basket, which should help you eliminate those awful plastic bags. I also hear rumors of a new breadbasket designed for the new Svinkløv beach hotel.




Klassik Studio // is a newer Danish brand, who breathe life into old, somewhat forgotten, design products. Along with the new relaunches Klassik Studio creates their own accessory designs, which goes hand-in-hand with the old designs. I am looking forward to seeing all the new accessories, especially their color glass vases.


The Organic Company // As I have already expressed in posts last week, this year will be all about sustainability and taking care of our planet. One way is being a lot more mindful of the products we use on everyday basis, like kitchen towels, napkins, and towels in the bathroom. All products by the Organic Company is produced by certified organic cotton, which means 91% less water spending and 94% less emission of greenhouse gases, now that’s really something. The Organic Company is presenting a new coral collection, new textures, and a new 6 layered soft blanket I am really excited for.


Sika Design // Since 1942 Sika Design have created interior design products with solid inspiration from nature and worldwide cultures perfectly combined with the soft Scandinavian colors. At Formland Sika Design is showing their all new Atmosphere collection full of candles, textiles, rugs, baskets, and lamps – I am very intrigued.


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