Fresh Bistro in Copenhagen In New Attire

As much as you would like to, you cannot be at two places at once, and an 12 hour flight is a bit too much for a restaurant opening after all. However, just a few weeks back Les Trois Cochons re-opened in Copenhagen, after a total renovation.

The restaurant is part of the Cofoco umbrella, one of two mayor restaurant chains doing very well in Copenhagen. To me, there are three factors, besides the meal being good, when eating out. 1. Good service. 2. Good prices. 3. Good interior. Les Trois Cochons have at least two of those. I cannot really comment on no. 1 for good reasons, but I will check as soon as I am back in Copenhagen.

I love that Copenhagen are slowly getting more and more great affordable restaurant spread throughout the city.

Pictures by Chris Tonnesen

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