Fresh Limited Edition Sheets For The Bedroom


Five weeks in Cape Town is quickly coming to an end, pretty soon I will be packing up and boarding the plane back to cold Copenhagen, luckily I do already have three more trips in the books within the next month and might even have to cram one more in there somehow.

One thing I always miss, and there are never any exceptions, my bed! For the past two years I have been sleeping in an Auping bed, well at home at least. If you want to know why I love Auping beds so much go check out this post.

Just before I left for Cape Town, I received a new set of sheets also from Auping, which I have made sure to be on my bed when I return. The collection is designed by Dutch textile designer Mae Engelgeer and is a mix of different color panels and materials that will transform any bedroom into a true sleeping heaven. I really do love that you can twist and turn the sheets for different looks. The new bedding is limited edition, so if you like what you see, you should drop in at your nearest Auping sales point to get yourself a set before its too late.

If you also want to sleep better, check out my previous post ”Wake Up Energized Every Day” and if you want to pimp your bedroom, you might like my “7 Simple Tips For A Hotel Bedroom”.


Photos by Alona Vibe



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