Friday Fever with a Twist of H&M

Happy very late Friday night, guys! It’s been a quiet week from my side, I know. We decided to elope to the Big Bear cabin for 4th of July, and the signal up there can barely get me on Instagram. I know it’s the oldest cliché in the book to apologize for not blogging, but when it’s your sole income and working life, you certainly feel very obligated to post as often as possible.

Now back in the LA heatwave, with tissues up around both ears, I caught a cold in the woods and just ready for weekend and even more bad movies in bed with the aircon running on full blast. I have a lot planned for you guys, but today, will not be the day for a long inspiring post, you simply just have to bear with me a few days to get back on track.

I will just share the best of the newest images of the latest H&M collection. In the new collection, out in stores in September, furniture and lamps will be added, which is new to H&M, honestly, I am not a super fan. However, I do like their many different throws, pillows, stonewear and rugs, especially from their wild wood collection.

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