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Back in Copenhagen. All I wanted after arriving in Copenhagen yesterday was to go home and crawl into bed. Not so much because I was tired, but because it was cold, rainy and snowing. It was not what I wanted to see after 5 weeks in Cape Town. Luckily today was much better, clear blue skies, still cold though.

I have started my process of a more clutter free home today. Sorting through the first cupboard, it is really not an easy process. I have also started to look at my furniture, what should I keep, do I need something new, do I get rid of something – or can I keep something, but update it in someway.

One of my absolute favorite pieces is my String shelving system. A black and walnut combo, which I have shown you guys many, many, times – here and here if you are curios. I have to say though, the walnut are starting to bore me a little bit, also I am thinking, that I want to use it in my new kitchen as and open extra shelving system – and for that, the walnut will not work.

String just released their new collection with new colors and new pictures. Needless to say, I am very inspired by the kitchen setup. The grey, new shelves with the little high border, is just what I need. I just love how String has evolved from basically just a few narrow shelves, to now a complete range of shelves and side for an unlimited amount of usage options. Just look at the shelves with hooks and hangers, how cleaver. So yes, for sure, I am going to revamp my String into a whole new kitchen inspired look – just wait and see.




Photographer: Marcus Lawett // Styling: Lotta Agaton





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