Galerie Half: LA’s Best Resource for 20th-Century Vintage

As I related with you guys last week, I am all about vintage shopping these days. Vintage is hot. While I have mostly been roaming the halls of antique dealers and swap meets, I wanted to see one of the upscale vintage dealers in town.

Galerie Half is probably one of the most known antique purveyors in Los Angeles. They excel in European furniture, Western antiquities, architectural relics and 20th century design – all at a premium price.

Located on the bustling Melrose Avenue in Hollywood, Galerie Half offers an eclectic mix of furniture from makers such as Børge Mogensen and Jean Prové, architectural artifacts and design objects from 20th century designers, including Greta Grossman and Poul Henningsen. All displayed side-by-side with modern artwork, making it a very inspirational space to visit.

Galerie half showcases their great finds almost like one would in a home, so no scrambling through endless dusty piles of rubbish. They have already done the dirty work for you. You do come across pieces that you would probably have left in the barn it was originally found, but at Galerie Half is looks amazing – and cost, well… the same as a smaller car.

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