Get In The Christmas Mood


It’s time. Sorry, I cannot hold it of any longer. Christmas is sort of just around the corner and before we know it, we will all eat a disgustingly amount of food, open an obscene amount of presents and stress around decorating. And maybe that’s one of the reasons why I want to kick this of a bit early, to help you to be inspired not to stress. Also do we really need to buy each other than many presents? How about we just select one or two things that we really would appreciate for the coming year, isn’t it about time to teach the next generation, that they will survive without all the newest gadgets or a totally new wardrobe?

Anyway. I have a lot to share with you and a lot of very cool inspiration. I have teamed up with four of my favorite Danish brands to present you with a extremely nice Advent give away calendar. Each Wednesday I’ll present the give away and each Sunday I will find the weekly winner. I will share Christmas outfits to be worn to the many events throughout December. I worked with Martin Reinicke the owner of the local flowershop Blomsterskuret, giving you inspiration for those Christmas decorations and bouquet. I have asked a bunch of extremely cool people to share their personal wish list and I have started my search for 5 Bungalow5 fans, whom all will receive a special present from me, this will include a how-to-wrap your presents. And A lot more. So let’s just say, I am sure you will be fully equipped and ready when Christmas Eve arrives.


Picture above is one of the Royal Copenhagen Christmas tables, which this year are curated by fashion designer.


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