Get The Gallery Vibe In Your Home

Do you ever walk into an art gallery and think “This. This is exactly what I want my home to look like.” I do it every time I walk into an art gallery. Again and again, I visit friends that mastered the art of making a personal gallery wall full of prints and photographs. But it really doesn’t take a Guggenheim-worthy collection to get the gallery effect at home. Especially with prints being so readily available online these days anyone can start collection even on a budget. If, like me, your dream home is actually just like the MoMa or The Met in New York, then keep reading to bring this look home!

Last week I ordered a bunch of posters via Desenio, including their very nice frames, which arrived a few days later. So why not share some advise about how to get that perfect gallery vibe in your home with you guys?

The first step to making your home look more like a museum is actually quite easy, you need to get some art. This doesn’t mean that you need to bring out a clean canvas and start painting yourself, that trend should be left in the 00’s. Art doesn’t have to mean paintings on canvas, and they certainly don’t have to be hung. You can hang textiles, pages from books, posters, doodles done by your kids, pretty much anything goes. These days its all about showing personality, and it doesn’t always mean that you have to go all out by spending those hard earned cash on fine art from Sotheby’s. You can find fairly cheap prints in all sizes and shapes online, so just pick something that you like, don’t think to much, keeping it cheap, means that you can change it more often. Later you might get into the whole arts scene and start a proper collection, that’s when you start flipping through those auction house catalogues.

Getting creative with what you hang on your walls and how you hang it (or don’t) will add more interest to the more traditional frames you may have. There is really no right or wrong ways to hang your personalised art pieces, however, don’t hang them all in a straight line, this is sooo last year.

One thing I really love is if people can surprise me with their art – either by what it shows or where it is hung. I saw this fun banana print and immediately thought it would be perfect (and super fun) in my restroom.

As you get more comfortable with buying art, you might want to add art objects to your growing collection too. It can be anything from smaller ceramic pieces to fun items you found on a market on your last holiday. If you really want to make your art objects stand out, try showing it of on a little pedestal, maybe one in cement or place it atop a pile of books. That is advance-home-gallery-class though, so stick with finding the perfect prints if you are an art novice.





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