Get The Perfect Tiny Garden Corner

What I wouldn’t do to have a garden again, just a few square meters would do. Okay. Maybe 10, at least. I am totally compensating with my indoor living room green plants garden, but it is just not the same. In my old garden, I use to have around 50-60 pots of different sizes full of summer flowers, which I spent hours nursing. It was almost like having a pet, I needed someone to water them all if I went on holiday.

Last week I went by Skagerak’s gorgeous store in Copenhagen. A little (read: big) house not far from the Little Mermaid (remember to stop by, if you visit the little woman on the rocks), cruising the house is just breath taking and so is their huge garden – decked out in all the amazing Skagerak outdoor furniture and pots full of flowers.

One corner is just as I would make my garden/terrace look like; a table for nursing all the flowers, a little green house and lots of pots. Did you know that all studies show that nature and plants reduces fear and stress and increases pleasant feelings? So make sure to surround yourself with plants – it will do tiny miracles.

Starter kit include:

And a lot of great flowers of course, but I’ll leave that up to you to pick out – I would include Lavender of course.




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