Gifts For The Dads Around The World On Father’s Day

Father’s Day is a celebration honouring fathers and celebrating fatherhood, paternal bonds, and the influence of fathers in society. I know that Father’s Day is not celebrated on the same date all over the world, but in Denmark its very soon. Sunday next week to be exact, in fact, it’s the same day as our Constitution Day, June 5th.

When it comes to coming up with something design inspired for the dads (mine included) I find it much more difficult than coming up with ideas for the moms. Whether he’s a closeted fashion-lover or a pensive musician, I’ve found a few unique ways to treat him to something special.


Simply Birch

01. Irish Wool Pinstripe

With a sophisticated palette and meticulous craftsmanship, each throw is crafted using time-honoured techniques in Ireland or the United Kingdom. The throws have a wonderful density and a soft hand, making them ideal for use on beds or sofas. The blankets are woven by Simply Birch, an Irish-based company specializing in fine woollen goods and I am sure your dad will love you even more if you bring him one of these babies.


Bungalow5_Brathwait Watch

02. Brathwait Watch

Lets leave the bling bling for the moms, though I do like a nice wristwatch on a man, it just adds that finishing touch to the suited look. This year is certainly the year of the watches and they can be find in many sizes and colours online, one of my faves is the simple, automatic minimalistic leather strap Brathwait Watch.



03. Bring the music everywhere

Believe it, dads needs alone time too – and when they start playing those 60s and 70s rock bands, you kind of want them out of the living room any way (well, I do…), so pack up the new B&O Play A1 ultra-portable Bluetooth speaker.


Bungalow5_Le Labo

04. The Noir 29

Nothing worse than a smelly man and you don’t want your dad to be one of them. Many men tend to use the same scent year after year – at least you want one for summer and one for winter. Le Labo’s The Noir 29 is one of their newer scents and combines depth and freshness, softness and strength through permanent oscillation between the light of bergamot, fig, and bay leaves and the depth of cedar wood, vetiver and musk. It is sensuous and addictive.


Bungalow5_Leather Projects

05. Messenger

Make sure your dad leaves the house and rocks up to any meeting as the most stylish one in the room. Jeppe Dencker makes the most beautiful handmade leather messengers in his own workshop in the heart of Copenhagen. Truly 21th Century Craftsmanship and classic Scandinavian design.

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