Go Crazy With The Accessories

Quite often I do media interviews where I am asked what my biggest/best design tips are. I rattle them off quickly and then they are published in random magazines or websites. One of my top answers and a tip I use myself all the time is: go crazy with the accessories.

You might just think, what? Yeah, it’s true. Go crazy with those accessories, not in a sense of totally overflow your house with accessories everywhere, but incorporate smaller items everywhere, especially in those windows of yours. I have made it into a habit to chance it up every weekend when I clean my house, it is super fun and it fells like a whole new home after the quick redecoration. I even keep a small box with extra items to store and rediscover items I got bored of earlier.

Vases, frames, concrete vessel is all from Nordal’s current collection, which is huge by the way. And a very good place to look if you need to add to that accessory collection of yours.


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