I adore Copenhagen. I love the people, the architecture, the design, and how we keep the city clean and green by being the no. 1 bike city in the world. I love that I live in a metropolis that is not the biggest one, but have (almost) anything I need within walking or biking distance. I use my city as much as I possibly can. I live in Nørrebro, which has people from all corners of the world, which I can watch just by sitting in the sun on Dronning Louises Bro. From time to time, I need a little break from the city, luckily Copenhagen has a lot of green areas within the city.

I was recently asked by Victorinox to participate in their #UrbanOutdoors campaign. Taking their one hour to outdoors concept, Victorinox asked city-dwellers like myself to swap the their fast paced city life for relatively near outdoor spaces that only take an hour to get to.


One of my favourite places in Copenhagen is just a 10 min. walk from my house, the Botinical Garden – a place I love to walk to, bring coffee, relax, sit in the sun, and just take a breather for 5 min. Everyday, all year, this place is just magic. As soon as you step trough the gates, you enter a magical world, almost like being part of the movie Narnia.

The other day, I needed one of those breaks, so I packed my bag and left home – to enjoy a day of fresh air and some outdoor adventures.



Photos by mr_babdellahn

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