Grandest Grand Relations – Probably One of the Most Stunning Showrooms You’ve Seen

It seems like forever ago I visited Stockholm with Mr. LA, but in fact it was only beginning of last month. Even though I’ve been to the Swedish capital many times, this time was different since it was Mr. LA’s first time and because we also had some pretty spectacular hotel visit planned. We didn’t have many plans other than visit Hans Hjelmqvist and Tove Regnander, the owners of the PR agency Grand Relations.

Not only did I basically drag Mr. LA across town… on foot (the weather was pretty good, so that my excuse), but because of the extra time spent walking, instead of grabbing a taxi, the whole Grand Relation office sat waiting for us on a late Friday afternoon. They had champagne, so not all that bad! I made quick work and shot every corner of the new showroom designed by Louise Liljencrantz.

Together with KFK snickeri they created the stunning centerpiece, the lounge table in massive walnut. All shelving units are by Kasthall, textiles by Astrid, the long room divider is also by KFK snedkeri, and all other pieces are by the many great brands Grand Relations represent.

I have seen a lot of PR showrooms in my time in this business, and this one certainly takes top price. I really think it is important that a showroom needs to reflect the company, and when you work and represent some very well-known brands, your showroom has to be on point.

Speaking of amazing showrooms: remember my visit to the newly opened Apparatus showroom in Los Angeles.

***photography and styling by Allan Torp

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