Heading to Denmark’s Biggest Design Fair Formland With a Green Agenda

I hope to see you at Formland next week. I will be heading back to Copenhagen on Monday and jump the train straight to Herning for a few days full of great Danish design. I am extra excited for this visit, as I have a lot going on, not only am I part of the Selected By area, where I am presenting some of my favorite products from a selection of the brands exhibiting, but I am also hosting a blogger tour.

It’s been a few years since I hosted a blogger tour, so obviously I am so excited to welcome some of my favorite bloggers to Formland, many for the first time. The magic word for my tour is sustainability, as it is something, I think the interior and design brands needs to focus a lot more on. Many brands exhibiting at Formland already have a great green agenda, but far from all, so I hope that we can push them towards a more eco-friendly mindset with our visit. I really believe that we as bloggers with the help of all of you guys, can help push brands to think greener. I mean, if we say, we want less plastic and bad for the planet materials, I am 100% they will listen and find better materials for their products.

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The responsibility to produce products ethically rests with the company, but, as we’ve seen, companies have profit motives that make them unwilling to change. It might be a bit naive to expect that many successful design brands to suddenly have a change of heart just because a loud few consumers and bloggers want things to be better. But I am a firm believer, that the more we keep repeating and chant reduce, reuse, recycle they will listen eventually, right?

Images courtesy of Paper Collective. New prints by Nina Bruun.

If you want to follow along the blogger tour journey, make sure to follow these amazing profiles on Instagram, as I am sure they will all post via their stories next Thursday, when the tour goes down.

Dorte Bak // Sofie Amalie @thusthefuss // Anne-Sophie @asrosenvinge // Hannah Trickett @hannahtrickett___ // Rebecca & Freya @scandinaviastandard // Michelle Nielsen @Stonemuse

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