Hello 8


Without doubt this last year, my 7th year blogging, was the best year to date & I owe it all to you guys, well and a little bit to myself also I guess.

It has been a hell of a good year, both blog wise and personally.

I have come to terms with the fact that you are not the most commenting readers, but as long as you are still here, then I am very happy. It has been a year full of collaborations with many great brands, many of the sponsored post are actually some of the most read post, especially the sponsored pictures shared on Instagram, which of course make me very happy. I have a clear vision about finding a good balance between regular posts and sponsored post, which I think I did achieve this past year. I had in my resolution for the blog last year that I wanted to blog a least 6 times a week. That’s 312 posts, I did 256, which is pretty good, but not good enough. I will do better, I promise. And remember, do let me know if there is anything you would like to see more of.

I have thought about lots of new initiatives to happen on the blog in 2017 – first thing: my monthly newsletter. So guys, one thing that would make me extremely happy, you all signing up. I promise you, no spams, only more of all the good stuff, discount codes and good deals, and maybe even give aways. There is a signup box just in the right side of the blog.

I have a feeling that my eight year is going to be even better – if it’s truly possible & thank you you all for being here!! The best is yet to come…




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